Award of Quality — Phalaenopsis mannii
As hybridizers we don’t always get to bloom out all our crosses. Mostly we’re just too busy selling them. Every once in a while we have a chance to show maybe one or two, but very rarely 12 of the same cross. Sometimes things work out and we have time to get plants to a show, or a friend brings them. We were very lucky to have the chance to send our Phalaenopsis mannii cross to be considered for an AQ award from the American Orchid Society on the 7th of April. This has been an outstanding cross and we are very pleased with this award. We know there will be more awards to these plants from this cross.

A special thanks to Betty Wise for taking our plants up to
the Spokane, WA show to be judged. Also a big thank you
to Tom Harper of Stones River Orchids who sent pollen from
his mannii ‘Mahogany Giant’ that we used on our F3 mannii ‘Bodacious’ to make this cross.

2018 Spring Plant List
We have our new Spring Plant List done, you can download
our new list here:
2018 Spring Plant List.
There are some new species, some fantastic Paph rothschildianum crosses, and more.
Look for some new plants on the website too. We have lots of new complex crosses as well. You can order from the website or print out the order form on the last page of the plant list and send it in with your selections.

We’ll also have our eBay offerings back up this spring. Please direct any questions about additional plants to us here. Send us an email here or give us a call at the greenhouse. We are selling our orchids on eBay as: orchidaceaeinc.

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Salmon Safe Growing
We are the only orchid grower in the Pacific Northwest who grow their orchids using sustainable farming practices that keep the local watershed and rivers clean protecting the native salmon
and fish. We are a certified Salmon Safe producer of orchids.




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